Report an abandoned vehicle

The number of abandoned cars is increasing because of the cost of scrapping vehicles and the drop in second hand car prices.  Abandoned vehicles are an eyesore. We remove them as quickly as we can but there is a legal process which can take some time.

Burnt out vehicles must be reported to the Police as they may be the scene of a crime such as theft.

Abandoned vehicles are covered by the Refuse Disposal (Amenity) Act 1978.  If the vehicle is on private property it is the responsibility of the property owner to arrange for its removal.  If the property owner has not given permission for the vehicle to be there and wishes for it to be removed, they can contact us for assistance by completing our online form.  If a vehicle is suspected as having been abandoned on Council land then complete our online form and we can investigate the matter.  We try to contact the owner through the Driver Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) and to confirm the status of the vehicle, i.e. does it have a valid MOT certificate and current road tax, which can take a few days.  The last registered keeper of the vehicle may be liable for the cost of removing the car.

If, after investigation, we determine the vehicle to have been abandoned, we put a Notice on the vehicle, which will normally be a 7 day Notice, giving the person responsible for the vehicle the opportunity to remove it.  Failure to do so will result in the vehicle being removed and destroyed.