Technical Notes 2021, Issue 86 - Greenspace Strategy Early Engagement

Report by: 
Thomas Glen, Depute Chief Executive – Place, Neighbourhood & Corporate Assets
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Greenspace Strategy Early Engagement
Responsible Officer: 
Niall Urquhart, Team Leader Sustainability Policy
This Technical Note will be published on the Council’s website following circulation to Members. Its contents may be disclosed or shared outwith the Council.
  1. Place, Neighbourhood and Corporate Assets Committee agreed to authorise officers to begin initial public engagement to inform the development of the East Dunbartonshire Greenspace Strategy on 27 May, 2021 (PNCA/034/21/JW). 
  2. The purpose of this Technical Note is to make elected members aware of the arrangements for the consultation and provide details of the various ways in which consultees can engage with the Council.   Consultation responses received will inform the development of the Strategy and will be reported to Committee along with the Draft Greenspace Strategy once completed.
  3. The Greenspace Strategy will be prepared alongside the Council’s Climate Action Plan, the programme for which was reported to Council on 17 June, 2021 (PNCA/046/21/NU).  The Strategy will have an important role in identifying nature-based solutions to climate change and opportunities for carbon sequestration to support delivery of net-zero emissions in East Dunbartonshire.  It also has an important role in supporting the Council’s Local Development Plan by assessing the need for open space and play provision across our settlements and considering the need for improvements to the quality and accessibility of open spaces and play facilities.
  4. The Greenspace Strategy also has close linkages to the Active Travel Strategy, consultation on which is currently being undertaken through the Active Travel Discussion which continues until 28 September (, and to the consultation on the proposals for a Climate Ready Park at Etive Park (  Consultation responses from the recent Climate Conversation, the Greenspace Strategy consultation, Active Travel Discussion and Climate Ready Park consultation will be shared to ensure that all responses help inform the development of each.  A shared Ideas Map has been developed for the Active Travel Discussion and Greenspace Strategy Engagement to bring together ideas in one place to help improve active travel and the green network (
  5. In Bishopbriggs, the initial Town Centre Regeneration Consultation, part of the Council’s £34.88 million City Deal project, continues until 15 August, 2021 ( Given the range of consultation events under way and proposed in Bishopbriggs, a dedicated newsletter is currently being prepared to focus on these engagement opportunities and will be distributed electronically via the Council’s website and through social media. 
  6. EDVA have submitted a bid for Community Renewal Funding for Lennoxtown and Twechar and this covers possible improvements to greenspaces in those areas.  EDVA expect to find out whether the bid has been successful in late July.  Online engagement sessions for the Lennoxtown and Twechar areas have therefore been scheduled for September so that, should the bid be successful, Council officers and EDVA can jointly discuss how the funding could be allocated to improve greenspaces in those areas with the local communities at the online sessions.
  7. The Greenspace Strategy consultation will run from 26 July – 28 September 2021.  Full information will be posted on the Council website shortly and publicised by press release, poster distribution and through social media.  The following opportunities for engagement will be provided:
  • All stakeholders and residents will have the opportunity to submit their ideas through the online Ideas Map tool
  • An online survey will be available online for individuals and groups to provide their views and comments on greenspace
  • Children, young people and their parents/caregivers will be able to submit their comments on the sufficiency of play provision through an online survey
  • Disability groups will be contacted to establish the most accessible format for consultation; and to establish their views on how disability needs and rights can be addressed through the Greenspace Strategy, including provision of appropriate play equipment for children with disabilities
  • Four online place consultations will be undertaken to gather ideas and comments regarding open space, play sufficiency and the green network across our settlements.  These will take place on the following dates between 6pm and 7.30pm:
    • 5 August – Bearsden and Milngavie
    • 9 August – Auchinairn, Bishopbriggs, Balmore, Bardowie and Torrance
    • 13 September – Lennoxtown, Milton of Campsie, Clachan of Campsie and Haughhead
    • 20 September – Kirkintilloch, Lenzie, Twechar and Waterside
  1. Alongside the Greenspace Strategy consultation, engagement will also be carried out on the preparation of a Greenspace Improvement Plan for Waterside and Rosebank between 2 August and 28 September.  This will focus on how the developer contribution provided as part of the development of the ASN School can best contribute to greenspace and play facilities needs in these communities.  The consultation will comprise:
  • An online survey inviting individuals and groups to provide their views on potential improvements to greenspace and play provision in Waterside and Rosebank
  • An online event will be held on 16 August (6pm-7.30pm) including a presentation focusing on options for improvement, and an opportunity for comments and discussion on priorities, needs and the possible location of greenspace and play improvement projects. 

We will engage directly with the Waterside Community Council in advance of the meeting to discuss the format and issues to be considered.

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All Elected Members Corporate Management Team Corporate Communications Chief Solicitor & Monitoring Officer HSCP