Technical Notes 2021, Issue 85 - COVID-19 Vaccination Bus

Report by: 
Ann Davie, Depute Chief Executive – Education, People & Business
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COVID-19 Vaccination Bus
Responsible Officer: 
Karen M Donnelly, Chief Solicitor & Monitoring Officer
This Technical Note will be published on the Council’s website following circulation to Members. Its contents may be disclosed or shared outwith the Council
  1. The purpose of this Technical Note is to further update Members in relation to plans for a Vaccination Bus to attend Lennoxtown on Friday 23 July 2021. 
  2. Members will be aware that vaccination of the adult population is critical to managing the ongoing COVID-19 infection rates and moving towards some semblance of normality.  Vaccine uptake across East Dunbartonshire has generally been positive, most especially in the initial JCVI identified priority 9 cohorts.  However, the push to encourage all adults to attend for a first vaccination or a second vaccination (subject to an eight week time lapse) remains ongoing.
  3. Notwithstanding the above, the take up rate in younger age groups is not as comprehensive as in older cohorts and so other means are being used to encourage vaccination.  This includes the use of drop-in and pop up clinics where no appointment is necessary and also the use of a vaccination bus which enables vaccination to be undertaken in smaller community settings
  4. A vaccination bus will be based at the Chapel Road carpark in Lennoxtown on Friday 23 July.  The bus will operate on a drop in basis and so no appointment will be necessary.  The bus will be on site between 9am and 7pm and vaccinations will be available from 10am to 6pm. 
  5. The clinic will be operated by colleagues from both NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde (GG&C) and Scottish Ambulance Service (SAS).  Council officers have liaised with GG&C in order to make arrangements at the site and the Parish Priest at St Machan’s church has agreed to open his hall so that it is available for use by the SAS and GG&C staff operating the clinic. 
  6. The vaccination clinic will be open to anyone over the age of 18 and will be dispensing both Moderna and Astra Zenica (dependent on age and whether a first or second dose is being administered).  It will also be open to those who live outwith Lennoxtown.
  7. In order to facilitate the clinic and any associated queue, the car park will close on Thursday evening and will remain closed for the duration of the clinic.
  8. This Technical Note will be published on the Council’s website and Members are encouraged to share details of the bus/clinic location and its opening times.  In addition, the Council will issue messaging via social media and officers are currently in discussions with colleagues at the HSCP in relation to the possibility of targeted messaging via the GPs MJOG system. 
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