Technical Notes 2021, Issue 78 - Strategic Green Active Travel Network

Report by: 
Thomas Glen, Depute Chief Executive – Place, Neighbourhood & Corporate Assets
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Strategic Green Active Travel Network
Responsible Officer: 
Niall Urquhart, Team Leader Sustainability Policy
This Technical Note will be published on the Council’s website following circulation to Members. Its contents may be disclosed or shared outwith the Council.
  1. The purpose of this technical note is to explain the current status of the document ‘A Blueprint for the Green Network - Assessment of delivery opportunities: East Dunbartonshire’.  It responds to the question raised at PNCA Committee on 27 May 2021, in relation to Committee report PNCA/034/21/JW, regarding funding for delivery of projects contained in the Blueprint Assessment, and whether further information could be provided in relation to the timescale and issues for each project.
  2. The Glasgow & Clyde Valley Green Network Partnership has collaborated with each of the eight local authorities in the Glasgow City Region to develop Blueprint Assessments, each of which contribute to the delivery of the Glasgow City Region Strategic Blueprint.  The purpose of the Strategic Blueprint will be to form a framework for the creation of a strategic Green Network for the benefit of people and wildlife in the Glasgow City Region, incorporating a strategic access network and a strategic habitat network.  Further information on the Blueprint is available at
  3. The East Dunbartonshire Blueprint Assessment forms one of the eight local authority-based assessments prepared to inform implementation of the Blueprint at the local authority level.  As explained on page 3 of the East Dunbartonshire Blueprint Assessment, the document is not intended to be an Action Plan but rather a starting point to identify possible opportunities for delivery, and to identify a suite of delivery mechanisms, funding opportunities and delivery partners that collectively can deliver the aspirations of the Blueprint in East Dunbartonshire. 
  4. The Committee report recommended that Committee note the completion of the Blueprint Assessment/Delivery Plan.  At this stage, the Plan is purely indicative and it will now be consulted upon as part of the preparation of the Council’s new Greenspace Strategy. Early engagement on the preparation of the Strategy will be carried out later this summer (details will be provided in a further Technical Note which will be circulated shortly), with the Draft Strategy due to be presented to Committee in early 2022, after which further public consultation will take place.
  5. The potential active travel routes have been prepared using a consistent methodology applied by the Green Network Partnership to develop a strategic green active travel network across the Glasgow City Region.  Further assessment work will be undertaken during the preparation of both the Greenspace Strategy and Active Travel Strategy on how the proposals in the Blueprint Assessment could be refined to fit with the emerging local green and non-green active travel networks.  This work will be undertaken in close liaison with the Streetscene Technical Support Team and the Glasgow and Clyde Valley Green Network Partnership to capitalise on additional funding support and resources to support the delivery of a strategic green active travel network within East Dunbartonshire as part of the wider network in the City Region. 
  6. At this stage, the ‘timescale and issues’ column contained in the Blueprint Assessment Tables 3 (Routes within East Dunbartonshire) and 4 (Cross-Boundary Routes) are purely indicative, identifying likely constraints and opportunities.  This information will be developed over the coming months and timescales for delivery will be finalised in the Draft Strategy Delivery Plan.


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