Technical Notes 2021, Issue 76 - 142 Bus Service in Bishopbriggs

Report by: 
Thomas Glen, Depute Chief Executive – Place, Neighbourhood and Corporate Assets
TN Number: 
142 Bus Service in Bishopbriggs
Responsible Officer: 
Christopher McGeough, Land Planning Policy Officer, Transport, Land Planning and Development
This Technical Note will be published on the Council’s website following circulation to Member. Its contents may be disclosed or shared outwith the Council.
  1. The purpose of this technical note is to inform Elected Members of changes being made to the 142 bus service in Bishopbriggs, known as the Bishopbriggs Circular.
  2. Currently, Glasgow Citybus operate the Bishopbriggs Circular service between 0855 – 1634 hours Monday to Friday with an additional AM school-day only service at 0800 hours and 0825 hours between Mavis Valley and Wester Cleddens Road. A small section of the circular service is subsidised by SPT with the rest of the route operated on a commercial basis. The subsidised section covers Kenmure Avenue, Brackenbrae Avenue and St.Mary’s Road.
  3. An annual tendering exercise is undertaken to secure an operator for the subsidised section of the route and this year the contract was awarded to PVT Transfer. As Glasgow Citybus will no longer hold the contract for the subsidised section, the operator has taken the decision to withdraw the commercial elements of the current service, including the AM school-day only services.
  4. However, in a similar vein to Glasgow Citybus, PVT Transfer has also chosen to provide the additional commercial sections of the route. This will ensure the route of the Bishopbriggs Circular service remains consistent. The exception is the AM school-day only services at 0800 hours and 0825 hours. These services will no longer be offered as part of the new service operated by PVT Transfer.
  5. The decision not to operate the AM school-day only services was a commercial decision taken by PVT Transfer and therefore there is limited scope for SPT and/or the Council to influence this decision. SPT has however alerted the market of this service opportunity to stimulate interest from other bus operators.
  6. The new timetable for the 142 service will be in place from 11 July 2021 and can be accessed online:
  7. In line with the objectives and actions of the Local Transport Strategy 2020-2025, the Council continues to work closely - through Transport Transition Planning - with partners across the Glasgow City Region, including SPT, bus operators and local authorities to encourage and promote the recovery of public transport when it is appropriate to do so following Scottish Government guidance.  
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