Technical Notes 2021, Issue 69 - 2020/21- Unaudited Accounts Mugdock Country Park Joint Management Committee

Report by: 
Jamie Robertson, Chief Finance Officer
TN Number: 
2020/21- Unaudited Accounts Mugdock Country Park Joint Management Committee
Responsible Officer: 
Gail Morrison, Principal Accountant
This Technical Note will be published on the Council’s website following circulation to Member. Its contents may be disclosed or shared outwith the Council.

The purpose of this Technical Note is advise Members of the Mugdock Park Joint Management Committee that the Audited Accounts for the finance year 2020/21 are due to be passed to Audit Scotland by the end of June so that they may finalise their audit over the summer months.

Subject to no further comments being received by Members between now and the end of June the unaudited Annual Accounts will be taken as authorised for issue.  The Accounts are Appended to this report. The audited Annual Accounts 2020/21 will be available by 30 September 2021 with Members being advised accordingly.

By way of a summary the final net expenditure for the year was £0.397m.  East Dunbartonshire Council’s contribution was £0.347m, and Stirling Council’s contribution was £0.050m.  This is reported in the Comprehensive Income and Expenditure Account on Page 13.  The net cost of services was under budget by £0.043m with variations are across many areas attributed to the pandemic with the park being closed for part of the financial year.

In relation to the planned capital works the total spend was £0.056m, which was £0.203m less than expected.  Again this is as a result of the pandemic with projects now being phased into the future year.

Distribution List: 
All Members of Mugdock Park Committee Corporate Management Team Thomas McMenamin, Executive Officer Mary Coulshed, Park Manager Anna Faulds, Audit Scotland Corporate Communication