Technical Notes 2021, Issue 23 - Special Meeting of Council - Tuesday 29th June 2021

Report by: 
Ann Davie, Depute Chief Executive – Education People & Business
TN Number: 
Special Meeting of Council – Tuesday 29th June 2021
Responsible Officer: 
Karen M Donnelly, Chief Solicitor & Monitoring Officer, Legal & Democratic Services
This Technical Note will be published on the Council’s website following circulation to Member. Its contents may be disclosed or shared outwith the Council.
  1. The purpose of this technical note is to inform Members of plans for a Special Council meeting on 29th June 2021.
  2. Members will be aware that the last scheduled Council meeting in advance of the summer is schedule has been impacted by the operational response to COVID-19 pandemic and the imminent election. Decision making has taken place via delegated reports or by Council.
  3. Members will also be aware that a cycle of meetings is scheduled to take place on 17th June 2021.
  4. Ordinarily, the Council’s draft accounts would be presented to the last meeting before the meeting recess. The accounts for 2020/21 are particularly complex given the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on expenditure, revenue and funding where additional funding is awarded on a topic by topic basis and requires the Council to examine and then accept numerous grants and other awards on a weekly basis.
  5. Officers require more time to complete the preparation of the draft Accounts and so in accordance with Standing Order 3 (a) the Provost is calling a special meeting of Council on 29th June 2021. This meeting will commence at 17:00 and will be facilitated via webex. An invitation will be issued to Members diaries.