Technical Notes 2021, Issue 13 - Mavis Valley Household Waste Recycling Centre – Operating Hours change

Report by: 
Thomas Glen, Depute Chief Executive, Place, Neighbourhood Corporate Assets
TN Number: 
Mavis Valley Household Waste Recycling Centre – Operating Hours change
Responsible Officer: 
Paul Curran, Executive Officer, Neighbourhood Services
This Technical Note will be published on the Council’s website following circulation to Members. Its contents may be disclosed or shared outwith the Council.

HWRC Summer Opening Hours

Following on from the Scottish Governments further easing of travel restrictions, I can now confirm that from Monday 26th April, the Mavis Valley Recycling Centre will move to the normal Summer operating hours.

Summer Opening hours

Monday - Friday 0800 – 1930
Saturday – Sunday 0900 – 1830

The site has been consistently busy throughout the lockdown period and the changes recently has resulted in exceptional demand placed on the recycling centre. The easing of restrictions has now afforded the ability to extend opening hours in order to allow residents further access to the site.

Traffic Management will continue in place at this location in order to control traffic flow on the main Balmuildy Road and the ongoing requirement for this to continue kept under regular review, as the impact of the new opening hours settles in.

The need for physical distancing remains in place therefore there is no change to the number of able to access the site at one time and visitors will require to maintain a safe 2 metre distance between staff on site in addition to other members of the public.

The service is currently working with colleagues in other services to develop and introduce an online booking system, it is anticipated that this will allow better management of demands and control access to the Recycling centre going forward.

In the longer term, work is progressing to develop the access road and seek planning approval to undertake this work. Further information will be provided through an elected members technical note as this work is progressed for both projects.

The change in hours will be communicated to the public via the Council Website and social media channels and signage at the main entrance to the facility will be amended to reflect the new operating hours.

Distribution List: 
All Elected members, Corporate Management Team, Executive Officers, HSCP Management Team, Corporate Communications