New Build Additional Support Needs School

Following the Council decision to establish a new Additional Support Needs school in Kirkintilloch to replace Merkland & Campsie View School, we have begun detailed design and planning work for the new school. It is expected the school will be opened in school session 2022/23. 

The design team will work on a detailed building design with consultation with stakeholders.  

At a meeting on 12 September 2019, the presentation below was presented to the parents of both schools.

Welcome Presentation

Nominations for members of the Interim Parent Council close on Friday 20 September.  Once nominations are received, then a vote will be performed by the parents to select members of the Interim Parent Council.

ASN Workshop 1  Wednesday 2 October 2019 3pm to 8pm - Merkland School 
ASN Workshop 2  Wednesday 23 October 2019 3pm to 8pm - Campsie View School 
ASN Final Workshop Wednesday 13 November 2019  3pm to 8pm - Merkland School 
ASN Workshop  Wednesday 11 December 2019 6.30pm - Merkland School

The link below will give the pre consultation documents:

Proposal to Close Campsie View and Merkland Schools, and Establish a New Build Additional Support Needs School in Kirkintilloch


2 October 2019 - Workshop

The Interim Parent Council of the new ASN school met on Wednesday 2nd October in Merkland School to participate in a workshop with the Design Architects.  This session we focused on:

Understanding the key adjacencies, key accommodation features, an interactive workshop on the classroom clusters and discussed what will be covered over the future scheduled workshops. Below is the presentation and some photos of the output of the interactive workshop. These are not finalised, but examples of the work the Interim Parent Council have undertaken.

View workshop presentation


23 October 2019 - Workshop

Workshop 2 for the new ASN School met on Wednesday 23rd October in Campsie View School.  The workshops were held with the school staff from Merkland and Campsie View in the afternoon and then the evening session with the Interim Parent Council.
These sessions focused on:
Update of the briefing process, Presentation of Classroom Clusters discussed in Workshop 1 and the 'Lets Create the School' interactive session.

13 November 2019 - Workshop

This workshop focused on the classroom design and sizes.  It also showed a high level plan of a potential school lay out. This is plan draft and subject to change.  During the workshop, we performed a walk round different classrooms in Merkland showing the potential sizes for each of the rooms.  As all the workshops, this was interactive with the staff and the Interim Parent Council. 

View workshop presentation

11 December 2019 - Workshop

During this workshop we discussed the layout following on from the November workshop, highlighting areas that had changed in the layout, which was performed following feedback from staff and the Interim Parent Council.  Some 3D sketches of how certain areas of the school could look like.  Again this is all draft and subject to change.  We also had a 'Red Pen Session' which allowed the Staff to and Interim Parent Council to highlight areas that they liked and also areas that they feel should change.  These have been taken on board and will be fed back at the final workshop in February 2020.

View workshop presentation

Consultation on Proposed new Additional Support Needs (ASN) School, Waterside

Following consultation with parents, pupils and teachers at Merkland and Campsie View schools, the Waterside community and key statutory consultees, detailed plans for a new state-of-the-art ASN school for children in East Dunbartonshire have been drawn up.

However, due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Council was unable to hold the planned, final consultation events.  Instead video presentations on the proposed layout for the school were done in May with Waterside Community Council and the Interim Parent Council. These are now available to view online below

A short online survey was also carried out to gather views on the detailed plans. All parents and carers, teachers and pupils from Campsie View and Merkland schools, local residents and other stakeholders were encouraged to consult the attached plans before completing the online survey which ran until 5pm on Friday 19th June 2020.

Following these consultations we compiled a list of FAQs about the project and these are also available to view online below