Gaelic education

Education (Scotland) Act 2016 - Gaelic Education

East Dunbartonshire Council is committed to the promotion and support of Gaelic Medium Education.   Currently, provision is available from nursery through to Primary 7 at Meadowburn Primary School and at Bishopbriggs Academy for learners of secondary school age.

Bòrd na Gàidhlig has produced Statutory Guidance on Gaelic Education.  This contains important information regarding the assessment processes for Gaelic Medium Education in the Primary School.  The Guidance is in two parts - Part 1 provides guidance on the process for requesting an assessment of the need for the provision of Gaelic Medium Primary Education (GMPE) from an education authority and the duty to encourage and support Gaelic education.  Part 2 provides Statutory Guidance for Education Authorities, parents and anyone else with an interest in Gaelic Education bringing together research, experience and best practice.

The guidance can be found on Bòrd na Gàidhlig’s website.  These provisions came into force on 1 February 2017.

Gaelic Medium Education in the Primary School within East Dunbartonshire Council

The Gaelic Medium Unit, based at Meadowburn Primary School in Bishopbriggs, offers its pupils from Nursery right through to Primary 7, the opportunity of being educated through the medium of Gaelic.

These pupils leave Meadowburn Primary School with the advantage of having become proficient in two languages, Gaelic and English.

As a parent / carer you have the right to apply for a place at Meadowburn Primary School’s Gaelic Unit.  In March 2018, following consultation, changes to the catchment area for Gaelic Medium Primary Education were made which means that the catchment for the Gaelic Unit at Meadowburn Primary School is now the whole of East Dunbartonshire.  This ensures that children in the primary stages who live in East Dunbartonshire are able to register for Gaelic Medium Primary Education without the barrier of having to submit a placing request.   If you live in East Dunbartonshire, this  would involve registering your child at Meadowburn PS during registration week in the January before they are due to start in Primary 1. If you wish to register your child after registration week, you should contact Meadowburn PS directly.   At a later point, if you wish to enrol your child at Bishopbriggs Academy  and live outwith the Bishopbriggs Academy catchment area you have the right to put in a placing request 

Applying for a Nursery Place at Meadowburn Gaelic Nursery

The Scottish Government is committed to providing 600 hours of early learning and childcare for all 3 and 4 year old children. This will be pro rata for children starting in January and April. This is normally delivered in five sessions over 38 weeks.  Parents / carers have the right to apply for a place at Meadowburn Primary School’s Gaelic Nursery where children will learn in the medium of Gaelic.

Early Learning and Childcare provision

Request for an Assessment Area for Gaelic Medium Primary Education within East Dunbartonshire

Legislation gives parents the right to request an assessment for the need for Gaelic medium education (GMPE) from the local authority.   At present, GMPE is provided in East Dunbartonshire Council within Meadowburn Primary.  However, if demand were to increase to a level which could not be accommodated within Meadowburn, then a second assessment area may require to be detailed.

Guidance on how to proceed with the submission of a request to East Dunbartonshire Council and assess the need for GMPE, and an explanation of how the process works can be accessed through the links below.   There is also an explanation of what Parents can expect if they submit a request to East Dunbartonshire Council to assess the need for GMPE.

Please select a link below for more information:-

The Gaelic Medium primary education Assessment Request Form is available on the Scottish Government Website.