Early years provision and how to apply

21/22 Applications

Registration for all children turning three and four is now open for academic year 2021/22.

Please complete your registration form – open from 11 January to 28 February.  Any applications received after this date will be classed as late and processed accordingly,.

Early Years application children aged 2 - 2021/22   

Guidance notes are available in the document section below.

Early Years Provision

The dropdown lists below provide information on local authority early years centres and funded provider early years centres and childminders in East Dunbartonshire where your child can access their funded provision. 

‘Funded provider’ is the term used for any early years centre or childminder in the private, voluntary or independent sector that has met clear standards in relation to quality and other criteria and has been successfully placed on a framework to deliver early learning and childcare hours in East Dunbartonshire. 

Parents should liaise with their chosen funded provider to ensure they are on the framework and have a space available.  If, for any reason, a provider is no longer able to remain on the framework and/or provide places, parents of placed children will be provided with support and advice on the options available to them.  For any queries, contact the Early Years team on 03001234510 or earlyyears@eastdunbarton.gov.uk

*Where a child’s third birthday falls within a holiday period, funding will commence the first day of the next funding period.

Local Authority Centres

Centre contact details

Local Authority Centres



Bearsden/Milngavie/Torrance Locality


Baljaffray Early Years Centre

Grampian Way, Bearsden

0141 943 1738

Bearsden Early Years Centre

Drymen Road, Bearsden

0141 955 2218

Castlehill Early Years Centre

Rosslyn Rd, Bearsden

0141 955 2216

Clober Early Years Centre

Kirk St, Milngavie

0141 955 2233

Colquhoun Park Early Years Centre

Canniesburn Rd, Bearsden

0141 955 2201

Killermont Early Years Centre

Aviemore Gds, Bearsden

0141 955 2265

Milngavie Early Years Centre

Hillhead St, Milngavie

0141 955 2253

Oakburn Early Years Centre

Craigdhu Road, Milngavie

0141 955 2210

Torrance Early Years Centre

West Rd, Torrance

0141 955 2229

Bishopbriggs Locality


Auchinairn Early Years Centre

Beech Rd, Bishopbriggs

0141 955 2289

Cleddens Early Years Centre

Kirriemuir Rd, Bishopbriggs

0141 955 2291

Meadowburn Early Years Centre

Lendale Lane Bishopbriggs

0141 955 2294

Meadowburn Gaelic Early Years Centre

Lendale Lane Bishopbriggs

0141 955 2293

Kirkintilloch/Lenzie & Villages Locality


Campsie View Early Years Centre

Boghead Rd, Lenzie

0141 955 2339

Craighead Early Years Centre

Craighead Rd, Milton of Campsie

0141 955 2271 (School Number)

Gartconner Early Years Centre

Gartshore Rd, Kirkintilloch

0141 955 2323 (School Number)

Hillhead Early Years Centre

Newdyke Rd, Kirkintilloch

0141 955 2317

Holy Family Early Years Centre

Boghead Rd, Lenzie

0141 955 2213

Lairdsland Early Years Centre

Southbank Drive, Kirkintilloch

0141 955 2309

Lennoxtown Early Years Centre

School lane, Lennoxtown

0141 955 2268

Lenzie Meadow Early Years Centre

Moss Rd, Lenzie

0141 955 2367

Twechar Early Years Centre

Main St, Twechar

0141 955 2331

Funded Providers

Nursery contact details
Nursery Address Telephone 

Bearsden/Milngavie/Torrance Areas

Baldernock Playgroup Baldernock PS School House, Fluchter Road, Balmore, Torrance G64 4AS 0141 955 2343
The Bearsden Nursery 50a Drymen Rd, Bearsden, G61 2RH 0141 942 9499
Buchanan Nursery 3 Grampian Way, Bearsden, G61 4SP 0141 570 0133
Canniesburn Nursery 10 Switchback Rd, Bearsden, G61 1QN 0141 942 9221
Glasgow Academy Milngavie Mugdock Rd, Milngavie, G62 8NP 0141 956 3758
The High School of Glasgow Junior School 27 Ledcameroch Rd, Bearsden, G61 4AE 0141 942 0158
The Hillfoot Nursery 200 Milngavie Rd, Bearsden, G61 3DH 0141 942 0383
Lullaby Lane Milngavie and Bearsden Sports Club, Milngavie, Glasgow  G62 6EJ  0141 931 5126 
Maxholme Pre School Playgroup Bearsden Scout Hall, Jubilee Path, Bearsden, G61 2RH 07953 554 635
Westerton Nursery Westerton Community Halls, 82 Maxwell Ave, Bearsden, G61 1NZ 07999 366 229
Green Forest Nursery Langbank Farm, Langbank Holdings, Dowan Road, Milngavie G62 6EL 0141 956 2300

Bishopbriggs Area

Bishopbriggs Village Nursery Bishopbriggs Community Church, 21 Park Avenue, Bishopbriggs, G64 2SN 07908 065 079
Bright Horizons South Crosshill Road, Bishopbriggs G64 2NN 0141 471 1660
Happitots Day Nursery 28 Colston Drive, Bishopbriggs, G64 2AZ 0141 772 4708
Happy Days - Bishopbriggs 147 Balmuildy Rd, Bishopbriggs, G64 3HD 0141 772 6142

Kirkintilloch/Lenzie/Milton of Campsie/Lennoxtown Areas

Cedar Nursery Cedar Dr, Lenzie, G66 4RD 0141 775 3967
Craighead Childcare Centre Craighead CE Centre, Craighead Road, Milton of Campsie, G66 8DL 01360 312 276
Happy Days Nursery 4-18 Ledgate, Kirkintilloch, G66 1PZ 0141 776 5009
Kidsplay Childcare 12-15 Lower Whitegates, Lenzie Road, Kirkintilloch, G66 3BQ 0141 776 3003
Riverside Childcare Block 4, Units 1 & 2, Kirkintilloch Industrial Estate, Milton Rd, Kirkintilloch, G66 1SY 0141 777 7773
St Mary’s Nursery St Mary’s Parish Church, Cowgate, Kirkintilloch, G66 1JT 0141 775 1166
Tender Loving Childcare 5 Hillhead Rd, Kirkintilloch, G66 2HA 0141 578 0500
The Tower Nursery 1 Garngaber Avenue, Lenzie, G66 4LI 0141 588 5515


From August 2020, parents and carers can choose to take some or all of their child's early learning and childcare funded entitlement with a Care Inspectorate registered Childminder that meets the Scottish Government National Standard and wishes to work in partnership with East Dunbartonshire Council. 

The following Childminders can provide funded hours:



Tel No

Link EYC

Anne-Marie Bennett



Auchinairn EYC

Annie Kelly



Auchinairn EYC

Carol Angelini



Auchinairn EYC

Gilda Long



Auchinairn EYC

Hazel Kane



Auchinairn EYC

Pamela Brown



Auchinairn EYC

Rosemary MacGregor



Auchinairn EYC

Liz Gardiner 



Baljaffray EYC

Shona Craig



Baljaffray EYC

Elaine McGuire



Cleddens EYC

Frances Murray



Cleddens EYC

Jacqueline Crilley



Cleddens EYC

Marion Myatt



Cleddens EYC

Patricia McArthur



Cleddens EYC

Ann Workman



Colquhoun Park EYC

Joanna Barron



Colquhoun Park EYC

Carol Cruickshank



Hillhead EYC

Lynnette Graham



Lenzie Meadow EYC

Elizabeth Ritchie

lizritchie123@yahoo.co.uk 07954437229 Auchinairn EYC

Leah McCall

leahmccall3@yahoo.com 07414687201 Auchinairn EYC

Linda Richardson

lindarichardson31@hotmail.co.uk 07717208910 Auchinairn EYC

Michelle Glover

miglover@btinternet.com 07796614798 Lenzie Meadow EYC

Lots of information on using your funded hours with a Childminder or becoming a Childminder to deliver the funded hours can be found on the SCMA website.

Scottish Families Information Service 
Care Inspectorate



  1. When should I register my child aged 3 or 4 for an ELC place.

Applications can be made using the new online forms with effect from 11 January 2021 for session August 2021 - July 2022. The closing date is the 28 February 2021 and any applications received after that date are considered as late..

  1. How do I register my child for a funded ELC place?

You can apply using one of our online application forms on the forms section of this page using the guidance notes for reference. If you are unable to complete the online application form you can request a paper copy by emailing earlyyears@eastdunbarton.gov.uk.

If you are applying for a new 3 year old place you must complete a Early years application children aged 3 and 4 - 2021/22 application form and submit before 28th February 2021. When applying for a new 3 year old place the funding will be allocated for a 2 year period therefore you do not need to apply the following year.

For children aged 4 who will be returning to their current Local Authority Early Years Centre you are required to complete a 4 Year Old Continuation form. If you are looking to change Local Authority centres or continue with your chosen funded provider you must complete a new Early years application children aged 3 and 4 - 2021/22 application form.

  1. My child is 2, are they entitled to a funded place?

Yes, if you are in receipt of:

  • Children on the child protection register or looked after children
  • Children who live in an area where the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation rank is 1 and 2 (www2.gov.scot/Topics/Statistics/SIMD)
  • Children from households in receipt of specific benefits as detailed below:
  • Income Support (IS)
  • Job Seekers’ Allowance (income based)
  • Any income related element of Employment and Support Allowance
  • Incapacity or Severe Disablement Allowance
  • State Pension Credit
  • Child Tax Credit (CTC) - but not Working Tax  Credit (WTC) - and income is less than £16,105
  • Both maximum CTC and maximum WTC and income is under £7,500
  • Support under part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999
  •  Universal Credit (this can be claimed if income is less than £625 per month).

Or if the child is:

  • Looked after
  • Under a kinship care order
  • With a parent appointed guardian

Please note: Please check that your chosen provider offers places for 2 year olds.

If you do not meet the criteria for a funded place you may be able to purchase a place at an EDC Early Years Centre (subject to availability/capacity).

  1. What do I need to support my application for an ELC place?

Supporting documents can be uploaded with the new online form (this can be a photo taken on your smart phone). The following documents must be submitted electronically with the form:

  • Child's birth certificate
  • Current Council Tax notice as proof of residency (if resident in East Dunbartonshire)
  • Utility bill within the last 3 months (if resident in East Dunbartonshire)
  • Proof of Guardianship (if applicable)
  • Completed verification form for eligible 2 - 5 year old (if applicable)

If you are unable to attach your supporting documents take your evidence documents within 7 days (quoting your online application reference number) to your first choice centre if you are applying to a Local Authority Centre or if you are applying for Funded Provider funding take your evidence documents to one of our Community Hubs.

*Applications cannot be processed without supporting documents

  1.  I do not have these documents can I still apply?

Yes you can apply, however your application will not move forward until you produce the documents required.

Child’s birth certificate – You can obtain a copy at your local Registration Office (there may be a charge for this).

Council Tax notice –  If you cannot provide this and are applying to a Local Authority Centre contact your first choice centre for further advice or if you are applying to a Funded Provider please contact Shared Services, Education 0300 123 4510 or email earlyyears@eastdunbarton.gov.uk for further advice.

Utility bill – This can be a paper copy or screenshot/photo of online statement.

  1. How much does extended care cost?

You can purchase additional hours at a cost of 0-2 £5.13 and 2-5 £4.68 per hour and lunch for £2.43. This rate is subject to an annual review.

  1. How can I pay?

Fees are invoiced monthly in advance and can be paid by various methods:

  • Online on our payments page
  • At any of our Hubs
  • Direct debit
  • Standing order
  • Voucher payment including tax free scheme
  1. I have not applied within the deadline – what do I do?

East Dunbartonshire Admission Policy follows The Scottish Government Statutory Guidance, and cut off points for funding is determined by this guidance.

All late applications will be considered after applications received within the deadline have been allocated.

  1. When will I be notified of my allocation?

Allocation letters for children due to start in 2021 will be sent out to parents/carers at the beginning of May.

  1. What are the holiday closure dates for extended year attendance for local authority ELC’s?

Speak with your chosen Early Years Centre about closure dates.

  1. How do I contact Shared Services / Early Years? 
    email: earlyyears@eastdunbarton.gov.uk
    Tel:  03001234510