Cashless catering

Some of our schools have a system in place which provides a personalised cashless catering account that allows you to pay efficiently and securely for school meals online, reducing wait times for pupils and allowing more control over spending for parents/carers.

Impact is a secure online payment system that replaces cash payments.  With Impact, parents and carers can pay for their child’s school meals online using a debit or credit card.

What schools have this facility in place?

  • All secondary schools
  • Lenzie Meadow Primary
  • Lairdsland Primary
  • Thomas Muir Primary
  • Holy Trinity Primary
  • Meadowburn Primary
  • St Nicholas Primary

Cashless Catering Upgrade

In March 2021, an upgraded version of cashless catering will be introduced using a new payment system called iPay Impact. This will replace the old Impact system that has been in place in your child’s school for the last few years.

iPay Impact will allow you to view children’s meal choices, top up and manage multiple children’s accounts by linking them all to one, as well as save card details making topping up quick and easy. If your child attends primary you will also be able to pre-order their meal in advance.

In order for this new payment system to be implemented in your child’s school, the old Impact system will need to be turned off. Please refer to the table below for dates of when the payment system will be turned off in your child’s school. During this time you will not be able to make any online payments in to your child’s account, however your child can still use any balance they have to buy meals in school. Any money left on your child’s account when iPay Impact goes live will be transferred to their new cashless catering account.

You will receive information about how to register your child for an account on iPay Impact before your school goes live. More information can be found on the new cashless catering page of our website.

If you have any questions then please get in touch with the Catering Payments Support Team at:

School Name Date Impact will be shut off
Kirkintilloch High 22 February
St Ninian’s High 22 February
Lenzie Academy 25 February
Bishopbriggs Academy 25 February
Turnbull High 1 March
Boclair Academy 1 March
Douglas Academy 4 March
Bearsden Academy 4 March
Lairdsland Primary 8 March
Lenzie Meadow Primary 8 March
Meadowburn Primary 11 March
St Nicholas Primary 11 March
Thomas Muir Primary 15 March
Holy Trinity Primary 15 March