New parent information

Being a new parent can be daunting when thinking about childcare, knowing what you are entitled to and the journey from infancy to school age. Below is information to questions that are frequently asked by new parents.  

How do I find childcare for my baby when I return to work?

East Dunbartonshire has three Early Learning and Childcare Centres that take babies from 6 weeks. Details of the centres can be found in the How do I apply page. Application forms can be obtained from the individual centres.

There are many funded providers that provide early learning and childcare places for babies from 6 weeks. The details can be found in the How do I apply page. Many private providers operate waiting lists. Application forms can be obtained from centres.

When do I register for my child’s funded place?

You must register your child for their funded three year old place the January prior to their third birthday unless your child turns three in January or February, in which case you would register as your child turns 2 years old. The deadline for registering your child for a funded place is the last day in February. Thereafter, all applications will be considered late applications and subject to availability after initial allocations.

If your child is born from:

They will be eligible for a funded 3 year old early learning and childcare place from:

1 March to 31 August


1 September to 31 December


1 January to last day in February


You are required to reapply for funding for your child’s four year old place.

How do I apply for funding?

Please find the appropriate application forms  on our How do I apply page for:

  • Applying for 2 year old place.
  • Applying for a 3 or 4 year old place.

Does it matter where I live?

Early Years and Childcare places are allocated using a banding process which can be viewed in our Admissions Policy in the Documents section of this page. Parents/carers residing in East Dunbartonshire or outwith the authority can request a place in another locality however, this will be subject to the admissions policy banding.

When do I apply for a school place?

You do not apply for a council school place until the January prior to your child starting school.

Primary school registration 

Find the schools in your catchment area

How can I access parenting support?

East Dunbartonshire Council has many methods we use to support parents. Parents can email in to for further information and assistance.