Bins and recycling

General waste

East Dunbartonshire Council will collect waste and recycling seven days a week, rather than just Monday to Friday. You should also be aware that your food waste may now be collected on a different day from your recycling or general waste

Note: Gas canisters for bbqs, outdoor heaters and camping stoves or helium canisters to inflate balloons should not be placed in any household waste bins as they cause a major safety risk when disposed of incorrectly. Please take canisters to any of our Household Waste Recycling Centres.

Recycle your Christmas Tree and Cards

Collection of Household Waste

To make sure your bin is emptied, the lid must be fully closed and placed at the kerbside or collection point by 7am.  To find your collection day, please view  the "Find your Collection Day" section below and put in your postcode.

The Council will only collect household waste that is in the following bins:

Grey food caddy (collected weekly)

All food waste, cooked or raw, including bones and shells.  Please do not put liquids in this bin. For new food bags tie an empty food bag to the handle of the caddy. 

Blue bin (collected fortnightly)

Paper, newspapers, cardboard, junk mail, magazines, catalogues, telephone directories.  Please make sure paper and card is clean and dry.

Brown bin (collected fortnightly)

Glass jars and bottles, aerosol cans, food and drink cans, household plastic bottles (e.g. milk and juice containers, cleaning product bottles, shampoo and toiletry bottles).  Please wash and squash your bottles so they take up less space.

Grey bin (collected fortnightly)

All other household waste (rubbish) that cannot be recycled. View our list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Green bin (collected fortnightly March to November)

Garden waste e.g. flowers, plants, grass cuttings, hedge clippings, leaves, shrub pruning, weeds (not invasive plants like Japanese Knotweed),  twigs, small branches, straw or animal bedding.  Please do not put soil, turf or rubble, food waste, animal faeces, large branches, garden furniture, broken garden ornaments and general waste in this bin.


If you have extra or additional waste that will not fit in your bin you can arrange for a Special uplift or dispose of this yourself at Mavis Valley recycling centre.

Find your Collection Day

If you can't find your street or the collection information appears to be inaccurate please let us know by emailing the GIS team

To find your collection day, please enter your street name below: (Note: Please do not enter house number/town/postcode as these are not recognised.)   

Report a Missed Bin

Before reporting a missed bin please ensure that:

  • your bin was on the kerbside from 7am on your scheduled collection day
  • you have put your bin out on the right day - check your Collection Day above
  • the lid is fully closed
  • if it is a recycling bin, that the correct items are in it
  • access to the bin is not blocked by roadworks or parked cars.

If missed please fill in the missed bin form.

Replacement bins

There is currently a charge of £22.40 for your first or a replacement grey general waste bin.  For replacement bins please complete our bin supply and removal form or telephone Customer Services on 0300 123 4510.

Compost your garden waste

Full information on home composting can be found at Zero Waste Scotland Home Composting.  You can buy composters at garden centres, supermarkets and online. 

Recycling Energy Saving Light Bulbs

You can recycle your energy saving light bulbs at our Mavis Valley Recycling Centre. Please tell a member of staff when you arrive that you would like to recycle light bulbs.