Planning Applications search

You can use the Planning Applications search to:

  • View, follow and comment on an application
  • Object to an application
  • View the plans and documents associated with an application

If you wish to discuss a planning application further please contact the case officer who can be contacted by calling 0300 123 4510. The Planning Team also provides access to a daily duty planner Monday to Friday 9.30am to 1pm who can answer general questions. Please note that the duty planner may not be able to answer case specific questions. 

For further advice please read the following sections.


Comment or Object

After viewing the planning application, you can make a comment or object to it within 21 days of the formal notification date.  You can do this in a number of ways:

For further advice on what you can comment on, what we can and can't take into account in reaching our decision and how to use our online planning service, please read the Comment or Object page

How to use our online Planning Service

You need to register with the on-line planning service to make comments. You do not need to register to view current applications.

To make your comment go to the online planning service and select 'Register' (if you haven't already) or 'Login'. Registering requires you to provide an email address that you can access.

Find the application that you are interested in by using the 'Search' screen (you can search by the planning application reference number or the address of the property) and select the 'Make a Public Comment' button to the right of the screen.