Local Development Plan 2

East Dunbartonshire Council has begun preparing a new Local Development Plan (LDP) for the area - LDP2. LDP2 will guide the future use of land in East Dunbartonshire by setting out policies and sites for development and protection.

More information about the stages in producing LDP2 are set out in the Council's Development Plan Scheme along with timescales. This can be found here.

The Council will communicate progress on producing LDP2 on this website and through our newsletter which can be found here.

Stage 1: Early Engagement and Evidence Gathering

This is the first step towards producing LDP2. Early engagement was carried out between 3 December 2018 and 11 February 2019. The Early Engagement was carried out to identify key priorities for Local Development Plan 2. As such, communities and stakeholders were invited to respond to a questionnaire and place standard. The early engagement period also provided an opportunity for written comments to be provided at workshops and drop-in events. In addition, the Council carried out a `Call for Sites', in line with Government requirements, and asked communities and developers to provide information about areas which they would wish to see considered for potential development.

The Land Planning Policy team are now working through all the responses received. Given the volume of responses received this will take a number of months. The responses will be written up into a Report of Consultation which will be published later in 2019. We are also producing a Monitoring Statement which will set out the evidence base for LDP2, identify key changes that have taken place in East Dunbartonshire since the current LDP was prepared and monitor the impact of the current LDP. Together the Report of Consultation and Monitoring Statement will allow the Council to identify the main issues for inclusion in the Main Issues Report.