Enforcement Register

The Enforcement Register

The Planning Enforcement Register provides details of all Amenity Notices, Enforcement Notices, Breach of Condition Notices, Notices under section 33A (Notice requiring an application for planning permission for development already carried out), Temporary Stop Notices and Stop Notices served by the Council as Planning Authority in relation to land in its district and in accordance with the terms of the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997 and other associated legislation.

Notices served since 2010 are listed below in the order they were issued. New Notices are uploaded within a period of 9 days of having been served. However, the full register is available for public inspection at the Planning Department, Broomhill Depot, Kilsyth Road, Kirkintilloch G66 1TF during the hours of 09:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday.

You can search our register by address, postcode or year.

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mills_marmion_drive_g66_2bh.pdf Mills , Marmion Drive, G66 2BH.pdf
51b_birdston_road_g65_8bx.pdf 51b Birdston Road, G65 8BX.pdf
96_drumlin_drive_g62_6ng.pdf 96 Drumlin Drive, G62 6NG.pdf
ED_2016_0027_ENF.pdf 79 Milngavie Road, G61 2DL.pdf
ED_2016_0027_ENF (2).pdf 79 Milngavie Road, G61 2DL.pdf
1a_west_chapelton_avenue_g61_2dg.pdf 1A West Chapelton Avenue, G61 2DG.pdf
20_ballaig_avenue_g61_4ah_1_0.pdf 20 Ballaig Avenue, G61 4AH.pdf
20_ballaig_avenue_g61_4ha.pdf 20 Ballaig Avenue, G61 4HA.pdf
ED_2016_0002_ENF (3).pdf 20 Ballaig Avenue, G61 4HA.pdf
20_ballaig_avenue_g61_4ha_5.pdf 20 Ballaig Avenue, G61 4HA.pdf