COVID-19 - Low Income Pandemic Payment (LIPP)

The Scottish Government have announced a £130 Low Income Pandemic Payment.

How to apply

We will write to households who may be eligible.

Eligible households are those who are either:

  • in receipt of Council Tax Reduction (CTR) (this does not includes Single Person's Discount - 25%) for at least one day during the period 1st April 2021 - 30th April 2021, or
  • exempt or have no liability for Council Tax on the following basis:
    • all the occupants are under 18
    • all the occupants are care leavers
    • all the occupants are severely mentally impaired
    • the property is unoccupied because the resident has gone to someone else's home to provide care or the resident receives care elsewhere
    • all occupants are accessing Housing Support Service and/or living in temporary accommodation or a refuge.

You must have been registered for Council Tax in East Dunbartonshire during April 2021.

If you were a resident of another Council area during April, you should apply to the first Council area that you lived in.

When you will be paid

Payments will be made directly to a bank account, cheque or a credit can be made to your Council Tax account.

When we write to you, we will ask how you want to receive the payment.

  • Payments directly into bank accounts will begin to be issued from 20 August 2021.
  • Cheque payments will be processed and issued by 31 October 2021

If you have not received a letter by 31 October 2021, please email

Not eligible

If you are not currently in receipt of Council Tax Reduction and think you were eligible in April 2021, you can claim online at Benefits explained.

Our Council Tax Discounts and reductions page also has more information.

If you need any further information or assistance about the LIPP, please email: