COVID-19 Licensing Update

** Updated on 27 July 2020 **

Liquor Licensing - Occasional Licences

As part of Phase 2 of the Scottish Government Route Map for coming out of lockdown, bars and restaurants have been able to reopen outdoor areas from 6 July for the purposes of serving food and alcohol, so long as physical distancing and increased hygiene routines are in place. Indoor space has been able to reopen from 15 July, again subject to physical distancing and increased hygiene arrangements. 

Alcohol must be licensed for on-sale consumption if it is to be sold in an outdoor area: 

Where an outdoor area already forms part of a Premises Licence

The area can be utilised under the current terms of that licence. Licence holders must have written policies and procedures on physical distancing and increased hygiene measures in place that can be demonstrated if required.

Where an outdoor area is not currently part of a Premises Licence

The Licensing Board will permit the use of successive Occasional Licences as a temporary measure to licence such areas. Applications will be processed as quickly as possible, however, turnaround times are dependent on consultation responses and cannot be guaranteed. Again, licence holders must have written policies and procedures on physical distancing and increased hygiene measures in place that can be demonstrated if required.

This Guidance Note provides detailed information on the approach being undertaken by the Licensing Board and includes information on:

  • Occasional Licences for bars and restaurants
  • Occasional Licences for Private Members Clubs
  • Application Process
  • Application Process Checklist
  • Temporary Procedures for Outdoor Seating in relation to Planning Procedures

Please note that there may be significant delays for any postal applications as a result of Covid-19 postal restrictions. Please make any applications and pay for them online by visiting the webpage - Application for Occasional Licence

Other forms of Liquor Licences and Permissions

As of 27 July, the Council is accepting new applications for all other forms of liquor licences and permissions. Applicants should visit and

On receipt, applications will be processed by Customer Services in the usual way, with no need for face-to-face contact. Any applications submitted before and during lockdown are currently being processed and applicants will be contacted in due course.

Where a licence requires to be granted following a meeting of the Licensing Board, then this will be arranged. Any such meeting or hearing may take the form of a video meeting, depending on the nature of the business to be considered. Applicants will be advised of this along with other details of the meeting, once arrangements are in place.

Taxis and Private Hire Vehicle Licensing

As of 27 July, all new taxi and private hire licensing applications require to be made online (see the Forms section of this webpage or select below) - including:

Applicants must ensure they fill in the full form and upload all supporting documentation before submitting.

If you are unable to access the necessary form please e-mail Customer Services -

Upon receipt of an application, Customer Services will check that all necessary documentation has been included and an agent will contact the applicant. Going forward, applicants will be able to make payment online, however, in the interim this will be undertaken during the initial telephone contact. Applications will not be accepted nor processed until payment is made and all supporting documentation received.

Once payment is made and the application verified, then processing will commence - including sending it to all statutory and internal consultees. After responses have been received (assuming no objections) then the application will be approved for granting.

In the event of an objection or representation then the application may need to be submitted to the Civic Government Appeals Board for determination. Such hearings may take the form of a video meeting and applicants will be advised of this in advance.

Once an application is approved for granting, then - where appropriate - Customer Services will issue any necessary paperwork, licence or permission by post in order to remove the need for face-to-face contact, however, in some instances this will not be possible.

In particular, ALL applications for new or renewed taxi and private hire driver and operator licences will require a face-to-face meeting at the end of the process.

Where face-to-face contact is necessary then Customer Services will be in touch with the applicant to arrange an appointment to attend with originals of the supporting documentation. It is essential that this documentation is taken to the appointment – if it is not, or if any documents are missing, then the licence will not be granted and a new appointment will be required.

For the time being, face-to-face appointments for licensing will take place exclusively at Bearsden Community Hub.

Appointments will take place Monday to Friday, between 9.30am and 4pm and may last up to 25-30 minutes depending on the nature of the application and documentation to be verified.

Applicants are advised NOT to attend the Hub until their appointment time. If applicants are late then they will require to make a further appointment. Access will be via the main door and appropriate markings will be in place.

At the appointment, applicants will be asked to produce supporting documentation for their application and in some circumstances may also be asked to sign the application paperwork. Supporting documentation will be examined by a Customer Services agent to ensure the documents and signature provided match the copies submitted electronically.

Assuming that everything is in order, the licence will be granted and the relevant documentation, badge and/or plates will be provided to the applicant at the end of the appointment.

Other Civic Government Licensing (excluding Public Entertainment Licences)

Other forms of Civic Government Licensing have been reintroduced as of 27 July (excluding Public Entertainment Licensing, which will be covered in the next phase). These licences include the following:

  • Skin Piercing and Tattooing
  • Indoor Sports Entertainment
  • Market Operator
  • Second Hand Dealer
  • Second Hand Vehicle Dealer
  • Metal Dealer
  • Itinerant Metal Dealer
  • Street Trader
  • Late Hours Catering
  • Window Cleaner.

Please visit for more details.

Applications must then be filled out in full and - if necessary - scanned/photographed and then submitted by e-mail.

In all other respects, applications will be processed and determined in accordance with the arrangements set out above. In many instances there will be no need for face-to-face contact and licences will be issued by post.