Local coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

Local Outbreak Update (Tuesday 22 September)

The restrictions currently in place in areas of the West of Scotland, including East Dunbartonshire, have now been extended across the all of Scotland and the rest of the UK. They mean that you should not meet anyone not from your household, inside your own home and that you should only meet up to six people form a maximum of two households outside or in a hospitality setting.

The further measures that are being brought in across the UK, including Scotland is that the hospitality sector must now close at 10pm. Full details of the measures can be found on the Scottish Government website.  They will be reviewed again in three weeks.

The Joint Council Leaders have responded to the new measures being implemented to control the spread of Covid-19, urging everyone to act responsibly and follow the rules to prevent more serious restrictions from being required: leader statement 22.09.2020.

Protect Scotland App

A new Protect Scotland App has been launched as part of NHS Scotland’s Test & Protect. A new protect.scot website has been established to host the app.  It explains how the app works, has information on privacy and data and FAQs.  A video has also been produced to explain the app and you can view the video from the following link: View the Explainer Video Here  


There is a wide range of information available in relation to schools, in relation to testing for those with symptoms and arrangements should a positive case be identified in a school.

NHS Covid-19 Testing Guidance

NHS Public Health have sent a letter to parents/carers through our schools to provide the latest guidance on testing for children on Thursday 27 August.  

NHS Letter to parents/carers with Covid-19 Testing Guidance 

The NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde website also includes a helpful infographic on when to test your child for COVID-19.

Council Letter to parents/carers on pupil absences from schools

A further letter was issued by the Council from the Chief Education Officer on Friday 28 August in relation to pupil absences from schools.  

Council Letter to parents/carers on pupil absences from schools 

Letter from Jason Leitch: advice on Common Cold and COVID-19 Symptoms

Jason Leitch, the Scottish Government's National Clinical Director, wrote an open letter to parents at the end of August providing advice on common cold and COVID-19 symptoms, emphasising that a COVID-19 test for children was only necessary if they displayed symptoms or if advised by NHS public health.

The letter was distributed through all East Dunbartonshire schools and is published on the Scottish Government website.

NHS/Glasgow Council Q&A coronavirus video

NHSGGC and Glasgow City Council have issued a YouTube video of a question and answer session with NHSGGC Director for Public Health, Linda de Caestecker.  

The video contains useful information on the symptoms of coronavirus, when to self-isolate, when to get tested and how to seek further advice. 

There is also detailed guidance for parents on:
·    when should a child be asked to go home 
·    whether or not a child who has cold symptoms can still come to school
·    what happens when a teacher tests positive
·    if a school can ask to see a negative test result before allowing a child back to school?

The video is available on Glasgow City Council YouTube channel.


NHS Schools Information FAQs

A series of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) have been published by NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde on their website.  There are a set of general FAQs followed by specific FAQs specific to what happens when someone who attends school tests positive for COVID-19.


Specific information has been issued to those that were shielding, who are not being asked to go back in to shielding but are asked to take particular care.  An update has been published to the Shielding page on the Council website, including some FAQs from the Scottish Government.

Covid-19 Service Delivery

Our Coronavirus (Covid-19) Service update page has the information on current service delivery during the recovery phase of the pandemic.  These services continue to be delivered during this local outbreak.