Covid-19 Waste Update

Changes to Waste services as a result of Covid-19

As a result of the current Government guidance in relation to stay at home and social distancing, the following changes to waste services now apply:

  • Residential general waste collections (grey bins) will continue based on the current uplift arrangements
  • Recycling collections will be suspended until further notice
  • It is recommended that residents dispose of food waste in their general waste (grey) bin
  • Commercial residual waste will continue based on the current arrangements
  • Mavis Valley Recycling Centre will be closed 

Please note that whilst we are mindful of concerns about changes to our waste collections, our priority remains the health and wellbeing of our frontline staff. 

Guidance on Waste

Fortnightly grey bin collections will continue as scheduled for the time being. Please leave bins on the pavement from 7am on your normal collection day. To maximise space, you could consider the following. 

  • Do not place recycling in your grey bin so as not to reduce the capacity for general waste
  • Ensure that waste is compacted to utilise available space. 
  • Consider storing your excess dry paper, cardboard and washed plastic and glass recycling in bags in a shed, garage or available bin stores until normal service resumes.
  • Wrap food waste in newspaper or plastic bags before putting into your grey bin. Ensure the lid is fully closed to minimise smells and any flies being able to get in.
  • Opt for items with reduced packaging.
  • If possible, start a compost heap for garden waste. 
  • Green bins could also be used to store excess bagged paper or glass recycling

Covid-19 Waste:  Help protect our frontline staff and #StopTheSpread. 

If someone in your household has symptoms of coronavirus (COVID 19) you can securely store personal waste including used tissues and disposable cleaning cloths within disposable rubbish bags. These should be:

  • placed into another bag
  • tied securely
  • kept separate from other waste
  • put aside for at least 72 hours before being put in your general waste bin
  • Please check NHS Inform for up to date advice.

We appreciate your understanding during these extremely challenging times as we seek to balance the maintenance of essential services with the need to protect our employees and meet government and NHS guidelines on social distancing.