Environmental Health

The Council is responsible for enforcing food safety legislation within East Dunbartonshire boundaries to ensure that all food sold or produced is fit for human consumption and meets legal standards.  Duties include:

  • carry out programmed food hygiene inspections of all food businesses
  • carry out food standards inspections of manufacturing and non-manufacturing premises
  • investigate food complaints from residents and businesses in East Dunbartonshire and also complaints arising from foods manufactured in the area
  • carry out surveillance of foods sold or produced in the area to ensure compliance against food safety and food quality standards
  • teach community groups within East |Dunbartonshire about food hygiene and safety

Details on the policies and principles we apply are available in the document section.

If you wish to obtain further information, advice on food related topics, want to make a complaint about a local restaurant or food selling business, or want to start a food selling business please contact an Enforcement Officer through Customer Services.

Cross contamination prevention

The Food Standards Agency has produced guidance on preventing cross contamination. The guidance states that the safest and most reliable way to prevent cross contamination from raw foods to ready-to-eat food is by introducing complete physical separation. This would mean having completely separate equipment, food preparation areas and storage.

The Council has produced a booklet based on the text of the Food Standards Agency’s CookSafe manual to inform Food Business Operators (FBOs) of the ways in which they can help to keep their customers free from food poisoning. It also explains changes to the way in which food hygiene inspections will be carried out and how the current law will be enforced.  This is available from the document section.

Community Protection Service Feedback

If you are the manager of a business which has recently been visited by an officer of the Environmental Health Team of Community Protection, we would very much like to hear your views on the experience. East Dunbartonshire Council is committed to continually improve its service standards and quality of its Food Enforcement activities.  To this end, we have produced a questionnaire as part of an ongoing survey of businesses within East Dunbartonshire in an effort to gauge the standard and quality of our service delivery. The questionnaire can be accessed by clicking the button below.