Local Housing Allowance

LHA Rates for April 2021 - March 2022



















Housing Benefit helps people on low income with their housing costs. It can cover rent, rates and some service charges.  If you are claiming Universal Credit then help towards your rent will normally be assessed as part of your claim and you will not be eligible to claim Housing Benefit.

Local Housing Allowance (LHA) helps people who rent from private landlords and who qualify for Housing Benefit to help them pay their rent.

The main aims of the LHA scheme are to:

  • ensure fairness - tenants with the same circumstances living in the same area will receive the same award
  • give tenants more choice regarding the quality and price of accommodation they rent
  • make the benefits scheme easier for claimants and landlords to understand and reduce the time it takes local authorities to decide claims
  • encourage Housing Benefit claimants to have increased personal and financial responsibility

Rates for other areas and also for previous periods can be found on the Valuation Office Agency website

Tenants are entitled to one bedr​oom for:

  • every adult couple (couples aged 16 or over that are married, in a civil partnership, or living together)
  • any other adult (an adult is a person aged 16 or over, including Armed Forces non-dependants who meet the criteria)
  • a disabled child (subject to criteria being met)
  • a foster child (subject to criteria being met)
  • any two children of the same sex under the age of 16 (Unless the children cannot share due to a disability and qualifying criteria are met).
  • any two children, regardless of their sex, under the age of 10 (Unless the children cannot share due to a disability and qualifying criteria are met).
  • any other child (a child is a person under the age of 16)
  • from 1 April 2011 - an additional bedroom for a non-resident carer when the claimant and/or their partner is a person who requires overnight care, however, this only applies if that bedroom is used by a carer for overnight stays as part of caring for the claimant and/or their partner and other criteria are met.
  • from April 2017 – an additional bedroom for couples who cannot share due to a disability (subject to criteria being met)
  • from April 2017 – an additional bedroom for non-resident carer(s) of a disabled child or a non-dependant requiring overnight care (subject to criteria being met).

Conditions apply to the number of bedrooms that the following categories of tenants are entitled to:

  • tenants under 35 who live alone
  • tenants under 35 who are severely disabled
  • tenants under 22 who are care leavers
  • tenants who rent shared accommodation, not self-contained properties (self-contained means that a tenant has their own room, their own bathroom and toilet, and kitchen or cooking facilities)

Vulnerable Claimants Po​licy

Please read the policy document Local Housing Allowance - Direct Payments and Vulnerable Claimants Policy for information on the circumstances in which LHA can be paid directly to landlords.

If you wish to apply to have payments made direct to a landlord, complete one of the forms within the Documents section and return to the Revenues and Benefits Team.

  • If you are an advisor applying on behalf of a claimant to have LHA paid direct to their landlord: Referral Form
  • If you are a claimant applying to have LHA paid direct to your landlord: Claimant Form
  • If you are a landlord applying to have your tenant's LHA paid direct to you: Application for Benefit to be Paid to a Landlord

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