More time to help guide planning protections for sites of historical value

Friday, 12 February, 2021

Consultation has been extended to allow people additional time to comment on planning protections for important areas of East Dunbartonshire.Poster for consultation

Representations can now be made on the Historic Environment Designations Review up to 31 May 2021. Visit to get involved.

The consultation is part of the process towards adopting a new Local Development Plan 2 (LDP2) - which will guide the future use of land in East Dunbartonshire. Further planning guidance on the historic environment will be published following this technical review.

People are being given the opportunity to access - and comment on - reports covering Conservation Area Boundaries and Townscape Protection Areas, and Local Gardens and Designed Landscapes.

There are also appraisals of existing Conservation Areas.

As well as local residents, the Council is engaging with Historic Environment Scotland, local groups, community councils and businesses.

Online meetings were held in January and a number of representations have been received.

Councillor Vaughan Moody, Joint Leader of the Council, said, "The aim of the Historic Environment Designations Review is to ensure that a consistent and robust evidence base is in place, complementing the Proposed Local Development Plan 2. It's vital we capture as much feedback as possible to ensure the right protections are in place for the right areas - helping us to continue to safeguard local historical and environmental assets for years to come."

Councillor Andrew Polson, Joint Leader of the Council, added, "Many thanks to everyone who has already been in touch as regards the ongoing Historic Environment Designations Review consultation. The deadline has been extended to 31 May 2021 to allow all views to be represented before a report is prepared and brought back to Council."

Visit to access background information and reports, and provide comments. The Council is encouraging the use of a representation form - available via the website - which has been specifically created for the consultation. However, representations submitted in other formats, such as e-mail and letter, will also be accepted.

E-mail or call 0300 123 4510 (9am-5pm, Mon to Fri) for further information.

  • Conservation Areas are defined in planning legislation as "areas of special architectural or historic interest, the character or appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance" and are designated by councils, as planning authorities.
  • A Townscape Protection Area is a local designation specific to East Dunbartonshire also intended to protect an area with special architectural and historical qualities. These are also designated by the council and most are closely associated with Conservation Areas. As a result, the review recommends the Townscape Protection Areas are either included with a Conservation Area or de-designated.
  • Local Gardens and Designed Landscapes are areas specific to East Dunbartonshire identified by the Council as landscapes designed - using land forming, building and planting - to have some artistic effect. They have historic and/or artistic value, potentially also with supplementary values - for example, architectural, archaeological, horticultural, natural, conservational or scenic. These designations have been reviewed following Historic Environment Scotland's guidance document 'Designation Policy and Selection Guidance' (2019) and as a result the review recommends the de-designation of nine Local Gardens and Designed Landscapes.

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