Don't put safety on the line when dropping off or picking up at schools


Wednesday, 6 December, 2017

Don't put safety on the line for the sake of a few minutes' walk - that's the message to motorists on the school run.

East Dunbartonshire Council's Community Safety Team is targeting a number of issues relating to inconsiderate parking outside East Dunbartonshire schools.

Concerns include vehicles stopping on yellow lines and zig-zags, double parking, parking on junctions and people carrying out dangerous manoeuvres.

Local schools regularly emphasise the importance of safety on the school run and encourage families to walk or cycle where possible - including initiatives, banners, events and the Junior Road Safety Officer scheme.

East Dunbartonshire Council is reinforcing the safety message and warning people that - where applicable - penalty charge notices will be issued by Community Wardens.

Councillor Jim Gibbons, Convener of the Place, Neighbourhood & Corporate Assets Committee, said, "Illegal, inconsiderate and selfish parking remains an issue in East Dunbartonshire, particularly at schools.

"Officers continue to work with colleagues within the Council and partner organisations to address such behaviour. However, the support of local families is essential to ensure that safety is not compromised on the school run.

"With a bit of forward planning, the journey to and from school could be safer for other road users and pedestrians. If you are dropping off children at school then please ensure you do so safely - without putting others at risk."

Schools throughout East Dunbartonshire are encouraging youngsters and employees to use active travel - as part of the curriculum and for journeys to and from school.

Each community has an individual school travel plan - promoting active travel and safety.

For more information on staying safe on the school run visit and for tips on developing Healthy Habits, visit

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