Instrumental Music Instruction - Guidance Notes


The charge for Instrumental Instruction has been waived for 1 year, from August 2021 to June 2022.  This will be reviewed for 2022/23.  Please note that registration fees, charges for courses, etc, for Bands and Orchestras will remain.

How to make an Instrumental Instruction application.


Q. Are there any additional fees?

Yes. East Dunbartonshire Council has a very limited supply of instruments therefore pupils may be required to purchase the instrument being taught and any relevant materials. This can be arranged through your child’s instrumental music instructor – details will be given to each child receiving tuition.

Q. What happens if lessons are scheduled for public holidays or in - service days?

Arrangements will be made for a slight adjustment in the timetable.

Q. What is the minimum level of instrumental instruction that a pupil will receive?

From August 2021 till June 2022, pupils will receive a minimum of 28 lessons unless they are absent or attend a residential music course. 

Q. What happens if the instructor is absent?

If it is a one – off absence no action will be taken. If it is a long term absence, cover will be provided by the authority.