Instrumental Music Instruction - Guidance Notes


The charge for instrumental instruction will be waived until January 2021 and will be £115 for lessons provided till June 2021. Pupils receiving instrumental instruction in S4-S6 classes as part of any National Qualification Performance Music course are exempt from payment. However, this exemption from payment applies to only one instrument per pupil.

Exemptions will also be granted for children whose parents/carers are in receipt of benefits enabling them to qualify for free school meals. Please call the Customer Contact Centre on 0300 1234510 for further information.  Proof of benefits will be required.

How to make an Instrumental Instruction application.


Number of children/instrument Cost
One child learning one instrument £115 from January till June 2021
One child learning more than one instrument £115.00 per instrument from January till June 2021
Each Subsequent Child An additional £57.50 from January till June 2021
NQ Candidate learning more than one instrument No cost for first instrument. Any subsequent instruments will be charged at £115.00 per instrument from January till June 2021


Q. How will the money be collected?

An invoice will either be emailed or sent to the pupil’s home address.   One invoice will be issued in January 2021.  Payment can be made in full or by monthly instalments.

Q. Are there any additional fees?

Yes. East Dunbartonshire Council has a very limited supply of instruments therefore pupils may be required to purchase the instrument being taught and any relevant materials. This can be arranged through your child’s instrumental music instructor – details will be given to each child receiving tuition.

Q. What happens if a parent’s or carer’s circumstances change?

If a parent’s or carer’s circumstances change, making payment of the instrumental fee difficult, or if it is felt that individual circumstances need special consideration, then they should contact Jane Ferguson – Instrumental Music Service Manager. The contact number is shown at the end of this leaflet.

Q. What happens if lessons are scheduled for public holidays or in - service days?

Arrangements will be made for a slight adjustment in the timetable.

Q. What is the minimum level of instrumental instruction that a pupil will receive?

From January till June 2021 only, pupils will receive a minimum of 14 lessons unless they are absent or attend a residential music course. 

Q. What happens if the instructor is absent?

If it is a one – off absence no action will be taken. If it is a long term absence, cover will be provided by the authority.

Q. Are payments for Instrumental Instruction transferable should the pupil move to another school?

If the pupil moves to another school in East Dunbartonshire and tuition can be continued at the new school the fee is transferrable. However, if the pupil moves to another school out with East Dunbartonshire the fee is not transferrable.

Q. How and where do I pay?

To arrange payments direct from your bank account in monthly instalments, please complete a Sundry Debtors Direct Debit mandate or request this via email from

Payment can also be made at any of the East Dunbartonshire Council collecting offices, shown below.

  • Kirkintilloch Hub, 2/4 West High Street Kirkintilloch.
  • Lennoxtown Community Hub, 46 Main Street, Lennoxtown.
  • Bearsden Community Hub, Brookwood Villa, Bearsden.
  • Bishopbriggs Community Hub, Bishopbriggs Library, 170 Kirkintilloch Road, Bishopbriggs.

Further payment information will also be detailed on your invoice.