Schools superhero poster competition

Primary Schools in East Dunbartonshire have been asked to take part in a Superhero Poster Competition – where pupils in P4-7 can create a character that highlights the skills and qualities required to keep children safe. 

The competition offers teachers an opportunity to highlight and discuss the following topics with pupils:

  • Who are the trusted adults in children’s lives?
  • How do they seek support if they need it?
  • Even when buildings are closed, there are still people to provide support and assistance.
  • It is adults’ jobs to keep you safe – Parents, Carers, Teachers, Doctors, Police Officers, Social Workers.
  • How to contact emergency services and social work if required.

The winning poster will be distributed around schools to remind children and young people that there are always people they can seek help from, even if they are stuck at home.

Entry information for teachers

Primary schools taking part in the Superhero Poster Competition should submit their ten best entries via the webform below.  The deadline for entries has been extended to Friday 4 December. Winners will be announced before the Christmas school break. 

Good luck to all those taking part!