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In East Dunbartonshire we need carers who can provide a safe, stable and caring home for children and young people who for a number of reasons cannot live with their own families. Together we can support our own local children.

Fostering is an amazing journey that can turn a child’s life around, and provide rewards for you too. 

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what one of our carers has to say:

“You might be welcoming a new child into your home which can be challenging as you try to help them settle. Information on the child can sometimes be limited and you hit the ground running. 

“This can be daunting but also rewarding as you put together the pieces of a jigsaw. While it is challenging for the foster carer, it is a confusing time for the child as they may feel frightened and worried having left family to move in with complete strangers.

“It’s extremely rewarding and worthwhile to see a child respond to your hard work and to witness them develop, flourish, relax and show that they feel safe and secure in your home.”

We know it’s important that you have the right support, learning and development and we provide this regularly:

  • You will have your own support worker and you will be central to the team around the child.
  • Our foster carer support group meets regularly and we can provide a supportive carer buddy.
  • We provide competitive fees and allowances to help you provide the best opportunities for children.

Our services are regulated and inspected by the Care Inspectorate to ensure we meet the right care standards.