Support for young people leaving care

Throughcare and aftercare​

If you are still in care or left care after 1 April 2004, then the Leaving Care Act affects you. This aims to improve your future when you leave care by:

  • delaying your discharge from care until you feel you are prepared and ready
  • providing better personal support
  • providing better financial support

Further information is provided in the document links, however, should you require additional information, please contact us using the contact details provided.

We strive to provide young people leaving local authority care with the best support available. One highly successful method of supporting these young people is through supported care.

Supported Carers

Supported care is a way of providing young people aged 16 and over with a form of independent living within a family setting.

These young people are often vulnerable and need the safety and security of a family environment to prepare for living independently. This support can be both emotional and practical, helping with their wellbeing as well as with education or work.

What will we ask from you?

We are looking for families, couples or single people who have a room to spare and time to support a young person while they develop independent living skills.

What support will you receive?

We provide individual ongoing support and training. We also provide a weekly allowance in recognition of your role and contribution as a supported carer.

Further information is provided within the Supported Care Leaflet. 

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