Assisted living

What is Assisted Living?

The Assisted Living showflat helps to manage risk and support independence by demonstrating a range of very simple to use IT equipment and intelligent telecare sensors.  The sensors automatically raise a local, audible alarm, as well as alerting a carer, keyholder or a monitoring centre.  Devices on show include panic buttons, floor, bed and chair occupancy sensors, personal alarm pendants, watches and medication dispensers which alert carers to missed medicine.

In addition to the Telecare equipment, the council has worked alongside technology and network specialists to install enhanced remote monitoring capability that further helps individualise services to particular needs. This includes a touchscreen controller such as a computer tablet or android mobile telephone that the customer and carer can use to operate all devices, including lights, sensors and door opening. The new show flat is a great innovation and a wonderful way to help older or more vulnerable people and their carers test out the best solutions for them to carry on living in their own homes with confidence and security.

Please click here for a video demonstration of the showflat.

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