Health and Safety Standards and Procedures

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These standards and procedures have been developed to ensure that a consistent approach is taken in the workplace that meets health and safety requirements and keeps us all safe.

Covid -19 - Procedures for use of Council workplaces in Covid-19 and Recovery

Take this link to the above procedures. They include general information on returning to the workplace with details on access, movement throughout buildings, signage developed to support clear messaging and guidance on use of kitchens, rest areas and welfare areas.  You should read these procedures and ensure you understand the content before you return to the workplace.

Covid -19 - Clean as you go procedure

sanitising spray“Clean As You Go”clean desk
Ensure you clean your desk/equipment frequently, using the sanitising spray/wipes provided throughout the day and especially at the start and end of each day and at the end of activity

Blue rollbinCarefully clean your desk/equipment with the sanitising spray/wipes provided, taking care not to spray anyone next to you or spray into your eyes, and leave for a few minutes”

gloves“Next, dry your desk using the blue roll provided and dispose of within the waste bin”

“If your hands are sensitive to the sanitising spray or hand wipes please use the gloves provided when cleaning your desk/work area and dispose of these within the waste bin provided“

                                                                               hand gel

When you have finished cleaning your desk/work area please use the hand gel provided in order to clean your hands”

Accident & Incident Reporting Procedure

Accident and incident reporting are important elements of Health & Safety.  Here is the link to the Accident & Incident Reporting Procedures document which provides guidance on completing the HS1(a) and HS1(b) reporting forms.  You can find these in the forms section of these Health & Safety pages.

This procedure takes account of the requirements of the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrence Regulations 2013 Act.

Putting on and Taking off PPE

This video from the NHS shows the correct way to put on (don) and take off (doff) personal protective equipment (PPE).  It also shows you the correct order to take off your PPE which is very important in infection management and control