Health and Safety Reporting & Forms

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Accidents, Incidents and Near Misses

The forms on this page should be used to report accidents and incidents in the work place.  It is as important to report near misses and dangerous occurrences as it is an actual accident or incident.  By reporting near misses and dangerous occurrences, these can be investigated and dealt with to prevent future accidents and incidents.

Form HS1(a) below should be used to report an accident, violent incident or fire alert.
Form HS1 (b) below should be used to report a near miss or a dangerous occurrence.

Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Assessment Forms

The following forms should be completed when carrying out a user self-assessment for display screen equipment.  There are two versions of this form.  One for a Council workplace and one for those working at home.

Occupational Risk Assessment Tools

The Scottish Government Occupational Risk Assessment Tool includes guidance and an interactive form, which is also available in an easy read format. You can download the guidance and the relevant forms directly from the Scottish Government website, selecting the one most appropriate for you.