Health and Safety Campaigns

We run Health & Safety campaigns to raise awareness of particular issues. 

There are a number of reasons we may run a campaign.  These might be:

  • Seasonal
  • As a result of an incident
  • Something that has been raised through our Health & Safety committees

Our campaigns are designed to raise awareness of the issue and the encourage actions that will address it.  Some recent examples include:

Covid-19 Workplace Signage

As services have been reintroduced across the Council and more workplaces have reopened, it has been important to develop a consistent approach to the signage necessary to ensure that guidance is followed. 

A series of signs have been developed for use across our Council offices, depots and schools to remind us all of the action we must take to ensure we keep our workplace safe.  The signs have been developed for the location in which they will be displayed.  In Council offices and depots, the signs are headed 'to keep our workplace safe' and then advise what 'you' need to do.  In schools and education establishments, they are headed 'to keep our school safe' and across the EDLC Trust facilities they are adapted as required for, for example, 'Leisure Centre' or 'Library' or 'Museum'.

Examples of the signs include:

desk not in use zone 1 desk not in use zone 2

clean your desk keep your distance follow one way system

catch sneezes wash your hands make meetings virtual 

lift maximum  toilets maximum kitchen maximum

down stairs only

Reporting - Accidents or Near Misses

It is really important that we report and investigate accidents, dangerous incidents and near misses.  There is a statutory requirement to report accidents and the Council has a requirement to report accidents to Health & safety within 10 days of them occurring.  The Reporting forms can be found in the Forms area of this Health & Safety section.

By addressing near misses, we can prevent accidents from actually happening. 

Our ‘Report it – don’t chance it’ campaign was designed to encourage everyone to ensure that they report accidents and near misses in the workplace as soon as possible.

report it

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