COVID-19 Testing for Employees

Covid-19 Lateral Flow Testing for Employees

Regular testing of key employee groups, usually twice a week, is an effective way to identify anyone who may have Covid-19 but be unaware of this as they do not have any symptoms (asymptomatic).

Key employee groups are those who are delivering patient based health and care services and/or who are involved in delivering services where they come in to contact with people on a regular basis.

A Lateral Flow Device (LFD) Test is a quick response test that can effectively identify if someone does have Covid-19.  Anyone who has a positive Lateral Flow test result should immediately self-isolate and book a PCR test to confirm the result.

Please remember that even with regular testing, it is essential to follow all FACTS guidance and measures in place in the workplace to manage Covid-29:

F – wear a face covering
A – avoid crowded places
C – clean your hands regularly
T – two metre distance
S – self isolate and book a test if you have symptoms

How to take a Lateral Flow Test 

Lateral Flow Test kits come with clear guidance and instructions on how to carry out the test and what to do with the results.

This NHSGGC Lateral Flow Test Guidance was initially developed for healthcare staff but it applies to all employees who are regularly testing.

This NHS poster is a helpful summary of the Lateral Flow test process:

And this NHS Lateral Flow Device Test video, again originally developed for health care workers, is applicable to anyone self-testing in this way, and shows key points on the correct technique for testing.

Recording your Lateral Flow Test Results 

Once your test is complete please enter the results into the following link, selecting Rapid Testing:

If you have a positive LFD test, you must self-isolate and then book a PCR test to confirm the result.

Guidance on Self-Isolation

NHS Inform has Guidance for staying at home with Coronavirus infection and there is also detailed Coronavirus: General Advice on the NHS Inform website.

There is also information and support in the Employee Zone Covid-19 information pages.