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Climate Conversation

The Climate Conversation is the first stage in preparing an area-wide Climate Action Plan (CAP) for East Dunbartonshire. Through the Climate Conversation, we aim to assess local opinion on climate change and related issues, and to discuss potential actions to achieve ‘net-zero’ carbon emissions and to improve our climate resilience. The Climate Conversation will also provide an opportunity to consider the action that needs to be taken within the context of a green recovery from the economic and social impacts of the pandemic.

The Climate Action Plan will follow on from - and extend the scope of - the Council’s Carbon Management Plan, which saw a 44% drop in corporate carbon emissions between 2012-13 and 2019-20. The Council has also committed to support the reduction of emissions on an area-wide scale, including through plans and strategies such as the Sustainability & Climate Change Framework, Local Development Plan, Local Transport Strategy and Green Network Strategy.

To meet tightening legislation and targets, the Council must now make a step change in the pace of transition towards carbon reduction across our area, including an in-house zero-emissions target and a net-zero emissions target at an area-wide level.

Success will require a whole-organisation approach. The Climate Action Plan will respond to changes in legislation and guidance to promote the need for public body leadership on the decarbonisation of heat in buildings, improved energy efficiency, the phasing out of petrol and diesel cars and vans, and the achievement of increased recycling targets, as well as providing support for the green recovery and circular economy.

The scale of the transition required over a tight timescale is very demanding and will need to address areas such as sustainable procurement and the incorporation of emissions reduction as part of the corporate transformation agenda.

Council employee engagement is an important part of the Climate Conversation. Colleagues have a wealth of experience and ideas that could help to shape future policy for reducing emissions within the Council and across East Dunbartonshire, and for adapting to the effects of past emissions.

The employee engagement period runs from 15 March 2021 to 2 May 2021 and consists of an online survey and online sessions.

More information on the CAP, and progress we’ve already made on climate change, can be found on the Climate Action Plan webpage.

Employee Climate Conversation Online Survey

Council colleagues are encouraged to complete the online Employee Climate Conversation Survey, which has been created specifically for this consultation exercise. This is an opportunity to share your views, and help inform the options we choose and the pathways we follow to ensure we meet our future zero-emissions target. All responses to the survey will be considered carefully by the Climate Conversation Team and will help influence the development of the CAP.

Surveys for residents, young people and businesses are also available on the Climate Action Plan webpage.

All responses to the surveys are anonymous. The information we gather about you and the area you live or trade in helps us to analyse responses and will not be used for any other purpose. The information collected will be processed by the council in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations 2018.

Further information detailing how East Dunbartonshire Council holds and uses personal information - and a copy of the Sustainability Policy Privacy Notice - is available at

Climate Conversation Online Events

The Council is running a series of public Climate Conversation online events – further information is available on the Climate Action Plan page.