Local Government Boundary Commission – 5th Reviews

The Local Government Boundary Commission for Scotland has submitted its Recommendations on councillor numbers and wards for each of Scotland's 32 Council areas to Scottish Ministers.

These recommendations arise from the 5th Reviews of Local Government Electoral Arrangements which began in February 2014.

The recommendations provide for 351 wards and 1219 councillors across Scotland, an overall decrease of 2 wards and 4 councillors relative to existing arrangements.

The proposals for East Dunbartonshire are available at: www.lgbc-scotland.gov.uk/reviews/5th_electoral/east_dunbartonshire/

The LGBC Report proposes a reduction of 2 elected members to 22 and a ward design of 7 wards (6 x 3 members and 1 x 4 members).

Awaiting comments and recommendations on the reports.

Tony Romain
Scottish Government, Local Government Policy and Relationship Unit
Directorate for Local Government and Communities
 Area 3J, Victoria Quay
Edinburgh EH6 6QQ.