Audit of Best Value and Community Planning

Audit of Best Value and Community Planning - Follow-Up Report (June 2015)

At its meeting on 14 May 2015, the Accounts Commission agreed to make findings on the Controller of Audit’s report on the audit of targeted Best Value arrangements in East Dunbartonshire Council. These findings were published by the Commission on the 4 June 2015.
The Commission’s findings acknowledge the Council's commitment to improve, that it delivers a good standard of services and has made progress in addressing some of the issues raised in its previous report.  However, the Commission’s findings highlight concerns regarding achievement of our ambitions; ensuring delivery of the transformation programme, the management of our resources and supporting the delivery of effective scrutiny through improving the clarity of our reports.
The Council accepts the findings and recommendations made by the Accounts Commission and the Controller of Audit.  A detailed Improvement Action Plan and timeline for further improvement work was approved by East Dunbartonshire Council on 25 June 2015 in response to the Report.

Audit of Best Value and Community Planning (May 2009)

Audit Scotland published its report for the Accounts Commission on the Audit of Best Value and Community Planning of East Dunbartonshire Council on May 2009.  The report praised the Council for its strong leadership, positive culture and effective partnership working.  The audit which was undertaken in the autumn of 2008, found that the Council's Elected Members, management, employees and partners were all working together for the benefit of local people.  It recognised that there was strong performance in a number of services, particularly education, housing and social work, and that the Council was committed to continually improving its performance.
The audit also identified that the Council needed to make improvements in how it tested the competitiveness of its services and how it used finances, assets and ICT resources to meet priorities.
The Council approved a Strategic Action Plan which addressed the areas for improvement identified in the Audit Scotland audit of Best Value and Community Planning.
Audit Scotland recognised the Council's awareness of where it needed to improve and its capacity and commitment to do so.  The vast majority of the improvement actions were already being taken forward and were included within the Council's former Corporate Improvement Plan and it's successor Strategic Improvement Plan 2011-14.