Can I pay less Council Tax?

Did you know that you can view your Council Tax account online? You will need your reference number and on line key from your most recent Council Tax bill.

Can I get any help if I am on a low income?

Council Tax Reduction may be available for those on low income for more information please visit the benefits explained page

Can I get a reduction on my Council Tax?

Reductions are available to some residents depending on their circumstances.  The Scottish Government’s Council Tax Reduction scheme is available to:

•          Tenants (local authority, social landlord or private landlord)

•          An owner-occupier

To make an application follow this link

We need (for you and your partner, if applicable) the following information

  • Proof of identity
  • National Insurance number
  • Income, savings and all capital. 

    You can find out more here

Do I get a reduction if I live on my own?

If you are the only person over 18 living at the property, you may be entitled to a discount.    More information on discounts and application forms are here

Do I need to tell you that my child has turned 18?

You only need to tell us if you are claiming any discounts for Council Tax.  Changes in your circumstances can affect your entitlement. For example, 18 is the age that the Council Tax Reduction scheme changes dependants to non-dependants.  If your circumstances have changed please fill in this form. 

Do I get a discount because I am a student or because I live with students?

We don’t include full time students in the total number of adults for Council Tax.  If all the residents of a property are full time students then you may be eligible for an exemption please apply here.  If you are a single person living with students then you may be eligible for a discount.  More information on discounts and application forms are here

My property is empty, do I still have to pay my Council Tax?

If your property is unoccupied and unfurnished you may be entitled to an exemption for 6 months from the date the house was last occupied – please apply here.

A dwelling which is no-one's sole or main residence may also be eligible for a 10% or 50% discount.  The table below summarises what type of properties are eligible and you should use this application form

10% discount criteria
·    Second home/ Holiday home
·    Empty periods between tenants of furnished lets
·    Empty property after earlier exemptions or discounts have run out
50% discount criteria
·    Unoccupied periods prior to 1 April 2010
·    Empty property after the six months exemption for an unoccupied and unfurnished has finished (maximum six months at 50%)
·    Job related dwelling (e.g. clergy)
·    Undergoing structural alteration
·    Six months from the date of purchase of any property that is undergoing or requires major repair work
·    Purpose built holiday homes

Do I get a discount in my Council Tax if I am renovating my property?

If work to the property makes it incapable of being lived in, you may qualify for a discount.  The discount is for a maximum of 12 months from the date the property was last occupied.  Please use this form to apply for a discount.

Which properties are exempt from Council Tax?

Empty properties are exempt if:

  • they are being structurally repaired
  • they have been unfurnished for less than six months
  • the person responsible for paying Council Tax has died.

Occupied properties may be exempt if the occupiers are all:

  • under 18
  • full time students
  • people who are severely mentally impaired.

You do not pay Council Tax for the period of any exemption.

Who qualifies for Council Tax discount?

A person living alone may get a 25% discount.  This discount may apply if only one of the residents is liable for council tax.  If no one living in the property is eligible for Council Tax, we may grant a 50% discount.  Some examples of people who are not eligible are:

  • those aged under 18
  • students,
  • those in long-term care
  • people with a severe mental impairment,
  • apprentices. 

    Second homes that are not the main residence may get a 10% discount. You can find more information and applications forms here.